Tamatoa's Lair

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Tamatoa's Lair adalah lagu terbaru dari panyanyi Mark Mancina di album Tamatoa's Lair, download lagu Tamatoa's Lair atau mendengarkan online dengan kualitas musik tinggi di website Laguaz.net.
Kontribusi: Mark Mancina

Mark Mancina

Mark Alan Mancina (born March 9, 1957 in Santa Monica, California) is an American composer, primarily for Hollywood soundtracks, such as his collaboration with Trevor Rabin on the soundtrack for Con Air. He arranged many of the songs behind Disney's The Lion King (while Hans Zimmer wrote the orchestral score with Lebo M. for the African chants) including the Broadway musical. He also notably composed the score for the thriller Twister (1996) as well as the blockbuster action films Speed (1994) and Bad Boys (1995). Mancina also co-wrote several songs for Hanna-Barbera's 1990 animated film Jetsons: The Movie.He's also collaborated with director Jan de Bont, and has scored his films Speed, Twister, and Speed 2: Cruise Control.Trained as a classical guitarist, he is an avid guitar player and rare instrument collector.Mancina collaborated with John Van Tongeren to write the theme to the 1995 revival of The Outer Limits. They both scored ten episodes for the first season of the show.He also collaborated with Phil Collins on two Disney animated feature films, Tarzan (for which soundtrack he and Collins received a Grammy Award for Best Soundtrack Album) and Brother Bear. Mancina also wrote an arrangement of "When You Wish Upon A Star" in 2006 for the current Walt Disney Pictures logo.Mancina has also been associated with a number of progressive rock projects. He toured with Rabin in support of Trevor Rabin's Can't Look Away album and then went on to produce tracks on the Yes album Union. He has also worked with Emerson, Lake & Palmer.He is known to be influenced by The Beatles, favoring their early years.Mancina also composed the music for the popular 2005–06 anime television series Blood+, which had music produced by Hans Zimmer. Additionally in television, he composed score for Criminal Minds and Soldier Of Fortune, Inc.He resides in Carmel, CA with his wife and young daughter.

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