SMS (Bangerz)



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Kontribusi: Miley Cyrus

All the way in the back, with a tree on my lap 
All the boys like to ask me, what you doing with that 
If you say you love me, I ain't fooling with that 
They ask me how I keep a man, I keep a battery pack 
One day he wants me, one day he wants me not 
I don't do chances, cause time isn't what I got 
If he's like that, I got a world tour that they need me at 
I can't be sitting round here waiting for a man to tell me where the fuck my CV at 
Where Mike Will at 

I can strut that strut, that strut, that stuff, bangerz bangerz 
I can strut that strut, that strut, that stuff 
I can strut in my stuff, bangerz 
I can strut that strut, that strut, that stuff 
I can strut that strut, that strut, that stuff 
Fucking bangerz 
I can strut in my stuff bangerz bangerz 

I'm flying high upon the bird, acrophobia 
My slick carder, I ain't down my purse where the dollars at 
I let them know the rings two on the first 
They can call the hearse cause if there's anybody violation I go off with that 
Catwalk, slick talk, flirting with the big dog 
All I need is milli's when I got Billy on my speed dial 
You know I'm that meow, quick to scratch your eyes out 
Strutting on the corner, make them nervous, call it too much 


Play boss the play 
Doctor get that big ross 
Sit that on my hand 
Make that video big talk 
Play boss the play 
Strike that boss with the purple 
Got up in my brain 
Had me a little bit dismal 

I,I bangerz, I,I fucking bangerz I,I bangerz fucking bangerz






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