Marilyn Monroe



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Marilyn Monroe adalah lagu terbaru dari panyanyi Pharrell Williams di album Marilyn Monroe, download lagu Marilyn Monroe atau mendengarkan online dengan kualitas musik tinggi di website
Kontribusi: Pharrell Williams


This one goes out to all the lovers 
What can we do? We're helpless romantics 
We can not help who we're attracted to 
So let's all dance, and elevate each other 

Dear diary, it's happenin' again 
This energy, like I'm 'bout to win 
I just close my eyes and visions appear 
She's everything I want, and it's crystal clear 
Not even Marilyn Monroe 
Who Cleopatra pleas 
Not even Joan of Arc 
That don't mean nothin' to me 
I just want a different girl 
Girl, girl, girl, girl 
Girl, girl, can't another good boy keep it this thorough 

Why, why do I have to lie 
Pretend, make believe or hide her? 
When I love what I've described 
But then again, I don't need no adjectives for this girl 


What's wrong with that? 
What's wrong with that? Yeah 
What's wrong with that? 

In honor of the groove and all who's surrendered to it 
We say thank you, and we take it back 

We're so hard, I was so hard that they can't chew 
Then my lucky star, I guess you came from behind the moon 
I put my arms around her, and I promise not to abuse you 
Since now I found you, why the hell would I want to lose you? 

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Lanscilo Williams (born April 5, 1973) is an American singer-songwriter, rapper, and record producer.Williams and Chad Hugo make up the record production duo the Neptunes, producing soul, hip hop and R&B music. He is the lead vocalist and drummer of the rock-funk-hip hop band N*E*R*D, that he formed with Hugo and childhood friend, Shay Haley. He released his first single, "Frontin'", in 2003 and followed up with his debut solo album, In My Mind in 2006. His second album, Girl, was released on March 3, 2014. This album was preceded by the commercially successful single, "Happy". As part of the Neptunes, Williams has produced numerous hit singles for various recording artists.Williams owns a media venture that encompasses entertainment, music, fashion, and art called i am OTHER, a multimedia creative collective and record label that serves as an umbrella for all of Pharrell Williams' endeavors, including Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream apparel, Billionaire Girls Club, textile company Bionic Yarn and a dedicated YouTube channel. The channel was launched on May 12, 2012 as part of YouTube's $100 million original channel initiative.Williams has earned ten Grammy Awards including two with the Neptunes.

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