I Think Of You



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Kontribusi: Tata Young

When I'm down and all alone 
When nothing seems to matter 
When I lose my hope 
When I'm sad and confused 

When it all gets turned around and 'round 
I can't seem to reach for solid ground 
When everything I've believed in seems untrue 
All I have to do 

Is think of you 
I think of you and it's gone 
Like you chase away the storm 
Making it all okay 
I think of you 
I think of you and I'm strong 
And I know I can go on 
It's like you set me free 
When life gets the best of me 
I just think of you 

Now I know what love means 
And whatever life may hold for me 
Through the fire 
Through the rain I believe 

Cause there's nothing I can't bear 
Knowing that you will be there 
If I fall I won't break 
Through it all I'll make it through 
Cause all I have to do 


And when I think I'm all alone 
I can't see the way to go 
Lost in the rain of my own tears 
To wash away the pain and fear 


For the good times and the bad times 
I just think of you 
Cause you know you get the best of me 
I just think of you






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