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Heartbeat adalah lagu terbaru dari panyanyi Cindy Bernadette di album Heartbeat, download lagu Heartbeat atau mendengarkan online dengan kualitas musik tinggi di website Laguaz.net.
Kontribusi: Cindy Bernadette

cant get you out of my head,
boy why you look so fine?
i nevee treat you bad
cause a love like this so hard to find
cant get you out of my head,
boy why you look so fine?
i never treat you bad
cause a love like this so hard to find 

hey my other name is blaze,
i notice you noticin me
chucklin at me with your sexy smile,
your sexy style is one of a kind,
but love is blind, so help me see
if you can be that lady for me
looks smart sweet wise and everything nice
those firm party lip and the big brown eyes
got my hand all sweaty and my stomach turning
got me thinking of you from night to morning
and i know you be the one that got me clapping faces
dropping on my ass, and moving places
cause all the guys who jog got me catching cases
you can count on me when your days stay cloudy
just pick up the phone when u need somebody
i will be there for you
like clyde for bonnie
and you wont be someone just to pass the time
the other girl's just nickels, but you're truly a dime


if i could have my three wishes
all i ever wanted my baby is
to have you in my life
make you as my wife
cause i know in real life you're a living paradise
baby girl yeah you and me
we give 'em perfect reasons to be envied
its obvious they jealous to let us to be as
we meant to be together you and me break up never
never one night without thinking about you
maybe no life if i live without you
hundreds of beyonce cant compare to you
no matter what they said i'd stay forever with you
you are my heartbeat you keep me alive
the mat under my feet, the light of my life
eva got a curve shakira got a hip
whatever will occur ma' it's you that i need


baby you and me whole night
i make you feel alright
i've been waiting for you all my life
baby be in my life






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